Workforce Development Fund

Advance Your Career in Adult Care with Think Tank Academy’s Adult Care Diploma Programmes majority funded! Don’t miss out.

Looking to boost your workforce’s skills and knowledge in Adult Care! We are supporting companies in accessing the Skills for Care Workforce Development Fund. We are a preferred supplier of the Workforce Development Fund (ASCWDF), giving you access up to £2000 back upon completing any of the level 3,4 or 5 diploma’s or further diploma’s, certificates or awards. And we will help you apply.


Benefits of studying with Think Tank Academy

International Expertise: Benefit from pathways crafted by experienced education and healthcare professionals in collaboration with key stakeholders across the Adult and Childcare sectors.

Mandatory Learning: Our diploma covers essential topics like effective communication, infection prevention, and health promotion, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Bespoke Pathways: Choose from optional pathways, including Dementia, End of Life Care, Learning Disabilities, Substance Misuse, and Domiciliary Care, allowing you to specialise in areas relevant to your role.

Self-directed Learning: Access resources and materials at your own pace, with guidance from a Think Tank professional.

Monthly Support Sessions: Attend sessions for assignment support, feedback, and guidance on observations and workplace evidence gathering.

Flexible Completion: Take control of your completion date within a maximum support period of 12 months.

No Minimum Completion Time: Plan and contribute to your portfolio at your own pace with support from a Think Tank Professional.

Digital Access: Use Think Tank Academy’s LMS for reading, additional learning, and access to bespoke training and innovative E-learning materials.


Workforce Development Fund

Financial Support: Eligible for up to £2000 reimbursement of initial study costs upon successful completion of eligible courses, supported by the Workforce Development Fund. A Think Tank Professional will support you in accessing any reimbursement you may be entitled to.


Example Diploma Programme

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This is an example of the dementia pathway for staff working with dementia

example of the dementia pathway for staff working with dementia


Think Tank aspires to be your preferred CPD partner, guiding you towards excellence in your care provision through outstanding training and education. But it doesn’t end here!

If you’re not an Adult Care provider but know one, refer them to Think Tank Academy and receive £500 worth of free training credits.