Gill Ashcroft


Gill Ashcroft is an entrepreneur on a mission. Among her many successful business ventures, she is the founder of Exceptional Care and Think Tank Academy, which provide childcare services and Health and Social Care training. For Gill, business has always been about purpose over profit.

Gill’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged early. She invested in property, retail, and investment banking. But she yearned to make a real difference. After researching children’s care providers, she found her calling. In 2014, she founded Exceptional Care to give vulnerable children the love and support they deserve.

Exceptional Care has since grown to 10 homes and hundreds of lives transformed. “You can’t make a mistake on a child’s life,” says Gill Ashcroft, “so we are always pushing for excellence.” Her dedication has paid off. “Our biggest achievement is when children who have left our care come back to thank us for giving them a life.”

Think Tank Academy shares Exceptional Care’s mission to empower through excellence in care. As a leading social care training provider, Think Tank equips care professionals with the skills and passion to change lives.


Under Gill’s leadership, Exceptional Care continues to expand, and the company plans to open more homes this year. Gill also founded a recruitment company specialising in care roles, and has investments in energy, health technology, consultancy, and e-commerce in Dubai.

Despite these successes, for Gill, the impact on lives remains paramount. Gill is an advocate for empowerment and her personal mission is simple but powerful, : “To change the mindsets and lives of people globally by empowering people to believe in themselves and what they can achieve.”

Through her work with Exceptional Care and Think Tank Academy, Gill is achieving this mission each and every day. Recognising her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to transforming lives through care, she has been named a finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023. Dubbed “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” the awards will be held on November 20th at London’s Grosvenor House. As well as being busy and successful business women, Gill always finds time to give back to those less fortunate having donated to many events, causes and food banks. She also supports charities such as The Hive, the NSPCC and Liberty Centre.

Gill is also a part of the Power of Women network. She has appeared on Liverpool Live Radio with her MD, Susan, Rolfe and Marketing Director, Beth Cooper.

Gillian has also recently appeared in the Liverpool Echo, where it talks about her entrepreneurial journey, and giving back to the community.

With a degree in Law herself, Gill is also a Board Member of the Law Faculty at Edge Hill University.

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